What is NGO?

What is a Development NGO?
Building a Well
Development or operational NGOs refer to those that design and implement projects,
"on the ground."
Providing aid and implementing it requires development NGOs to mobilize an array of resources, meaning that they relying heavily on financial and material donations as well as volunteers.
While the structure of development NGOs varies widely, they generally have a headquarters and a field staff, making the opportunities for involvement wide ranging.
Because development NGOs rely heavily on volunteers, they offer a myriad of volunteer options in both in their offices and in the field.
While it is often assumed that development projects take place abroad, building homes and wells or providing healthcare to those in far off nations, there are many opportunities to volunteer locally. When volunteering with development based NGOs locally, the type of projects you are likely to be involved with vary, depending on if the organizations' projects involve those in your local community, nationally or internationally.
Where the organization provides aid will greatly determine the type of development project you are likely to be involved with, however, options that tend to take place locally, regardless of where the aid is being delivered, often includes those revolving fundraising. Popular activities include events like walks or charity dinners. When volunteering for events like these, you will likely be involved in preparing for the event, assisting with tasks involving registration, as well as during the event helping to execute the event.
                    Delivering Development:
     A Development Project with Lasting Results
Making a video is a great way to engage audiences and bring awareness to your cause and while development NGOs are more focused in executing projects, they can't deny the power of the Internet and the ability of video to articulate their messages and goals.  
In the above video, development NGO "Water for People" dicusses their position on aid and takes the viewer through their project.
Discussing some innovating development plans, the video shows you exactly how and why moving from isolated projects like building wells to
developing more more well rounded and sustainable systems of aid, involving local communicates and governments, will correct the some of the worlds most daunting water problems.
Watch the above video to find out how Water for People is going to provide the water to EVERYONE. FOREVER.